Snap-shot theatre (for a Facebook era…)

First – to introduce myself! I am Molly Roberts – Actor and Artistic Director of Poleroid Theatre. (Spelt with an ‘E’ and not an ‘A’ on purpose, I promise!)

I formed Poleroid one miserable September afternoon last year, upon graduating as an actor from the Guildford School of Acting!

The idea of being an out of work actor and doing nothing artistic between jobs and auditions has never particularly appealed to me… so I set up Poleroid…

I have created a company which provides a space and hub for young, emerging actors, writers, directors and musicians to experiment, perform and showcase their talent and craft in an industry driven by television talent competition winners plastering our West-end stages. Poleroid aims to discover exhilarating new writing and work with it to create fast-paced, thought-provoking theatre. Our debut production FlickBook was performed at Theatre503 in November 2011 before moving onto the Etcetera Theatre and then – due to some rather lovely reviews – offered a longer run at the White Bear Theatre in the new year where we also paired it with another new piece of writing and made it into a Back2Back event.

Every Poleroid production has a fast-paced, eclectic feel, combining a hard-hitting, current sound track of live or recorded music, and thanks to our expert company photographer and designer Chris Mann, Poleroid and all our shows also have a unique image and identity.

FlickBook was a collaborative rehearsal process and the piece was ever evolving in our Actors Centre rehearsal room right until the final performance months later at the White Bear under the direction of Gareth Aled (RWCMD/RSC/Elan Frantoio/ROH) and Adam O’Brian (RWCMD/ETT) – both actors making their directorial debut with Poleroid.  It was written by numerous emerging writers, whose individual pieces ultimately formed a cohesive piece, revolving around six characters with their own intertwined stories. FlickBook & Back2Back were performed by a company of six recent acting graduates from RWCMD and GSA.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response our debut productions had and it lead us to develop another project in the Spring of 2012: Breakout, (dir. Adam Reeves/co-produced by Christian Walker) which was performed at the Cockpit Theatre. Again, Breakout was written by numerous young writers from backgrounds such as the Royal Court Young Writers Programme, Live Theatre, OVNV: 24 Hour Plays, BBC 3, Channel 4, RWCMD & GSA. We also branched out to actors who have not been involved in Poleroids past work – creating a newer (larger!) company of sixteen for this one-off celebration of emerging talent.

More info on the creative journies of our past projects to follow…

This is my first time writing such an article or ‘blog’ as they are now referred too (!) so do bear with me! I will be blogging about Poleroids development as a company and inevitable ascent into greatness… or brutal fall into the gutter of insolvency! It won’t just be me banging on about myself and using the word ‘edgy’ far too many times per sentence,  I’ve got some rather interesting thespy, creative friends who will be infiltrating my blog from time to time and should provide captivating bed-time reading for you all! I can only hope you will find this is some way interesting, informative and enjoyable!


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