Well, A LOT has happen this week for Poleroid, and we can now officially announce that our very first OPEN WRITE NIGHT will be launching next month! (Hurray!)


We have had an influx of submissions from Actors and Writers who want to get up on the mic and perform! But we want even more, so here are some details on the night in full below, then it’s up to YOU to GET INVOLVED!!


Poleroid Theatre present their first ever ‘OPEN WRITE NIGHT’ at the Hackney Attic dedicated to lovers of the young, quirky, new writing theatre scene in London.  

Poleroid invite actors and writers to step up to the mic, try out new material or read an absolute literary gem you’ve put on paper but never dared to show to the public… Monologues, duologues, poetry (and even the odd song) – perform them yourself, palm one off on an actory-type or just sit back and take in all the wonderful creativity in the comfort of the Picturehouse!

There will also be LIVE MUSIC from the awesome (and rather dashing) band YOUNGBLOOD

For full info on the set up of the Open Write Night, how to sign up to take part in this months event and further info on Poleroid, please visit our website…


Tickets will be available online ASAP! 


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