The Correct Combination Of Words.

Well, it’s getting closer… and closer… and closer…! If you’ve been following Poleroid on twitter or facebook you will most definitely know what I’m talking about because we haven’t stopped banging on about it…..


of course!

It’s happening 2 weeks on Sunday! How thrilling. We have been inundated with submissions to get up on the mic – so much so that we’ve had to turn some people down! Shock-horror. It does however look like it’s going to be a very very fun night! We have monologues, duologues, poetry, prose, witty-monologuey-song-things and I can also announce that we’re being joined by two brand new comedy sketch groups – THE HUNGRY BIRDS and MIXED DOUBLES who are going to try out some of their new material on our lovely audience… as well as live music from YOUNGBLOOD.

AND we now have a super duper trailer for your perusal if my rant hasn’t persuaded you to get your tickets.

If that doesn’t sound better than sitting at home on a cold Autumn Sunday night then I don’t know what does…

SO get your tickets please! NOW! Right now! Go! Stop reading this for a second and go and buy them.

Phew. Now you’ve got your tickets I can talk about something else! 

I’ve been to see two very interesting pieces of theatre this week at The Yard Theatre in Hackney as part of their Heaven Is A Place On Earth festival. The first was Sisyphus – a contemporary re-telling of the greek myth and the second The Evolution Of Eve – a musical retelling of the story of Eve.

What really struck me about both of these pieces was how thought-provoking and simple they both were. I often neglect the shows that the Yard programme, and then kick myself because I miss the most interesting stuff!

Sisyphus written and directed by Alex Rennie was an extremely unique re-telling of a story which I knew nothing about beforehand. The over-all story-telling really gave the piece momentum, achieved through a clever mixture of physical theatre and some thought-provoking text. I particularly enjoyed the touching and ‘trauma-ed’ performance given by the main actor (whose name I can’t seem to find anywhere) and the dance-based ensemble work was very strong. However, I thought some of the text work was a little bit sweeping and vague at times. This potentially allowed the audience to lose their connection with the piece and miss some very poignant sentences if they weren’t listening very hard, but overall it was a great piece of contemporary theatre and I’d like to get the script myself so I can have a read again!

The second piece of this double-bill The Evolution of Eve by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian was simply mesmerizing. I don’t really know how to describe it… It wasn’t musical theatre – not in the conventional sense, but more of a beautifully developed song cycle. The piece was hosted by the very charismatic Cevanne, starring Björk’s percussionist Manu Delago (who was brilliant). It was totally different to anything I’ve watched before, and although I didn’t completely understand all the stories they were telling through their songs, the music itself was spine-tingly and I felt very lucky to be sat on a cold Autumn evening in the bare space of the Yard listening to it.

All in all get down to see both of these shows tomorrow before they close! 

FINALLY, before I sign out, we’ve had rather a lovely review for our piece Waterwings by Isley Lynn which was performed at the Old Red Lion’s Writers Bloc last month by myself and Rebecca Tanwen – directed by Adam Reeves. It was a great night, so definitely get yourself down to see the next one or join in yourself if you get the chance!

“The acting talent on display amongst these young artists is also not without merit. Molly Roberts and Rebecca Tanwen do a splendid turn winning the audience over as two young students moving into their halls of residence for the first time in Isley Lynn’s Water Wings. Both are delightful to watch and brought a much needed sense of energy to the proceedings.”

Go team Poleroid!

I’ll leave you with a very good quote this week from a brilliant book I am devouring at the moment called “And Then You Act” by Anne Bogart which I think is particularly apt to the feel of this months theatrical work…

” Doors that seemed shut will open with the correct combination of words. Your own words may not arrive easily or immediately but eventually, with stubbornness & sweat, they will appear “

Anne Bogart.


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