I’ve always liked the number 13.

I’ve always liked the number 13 (possibly because it’s the day of my Birthday) so 2013 in my mind has rather a good ring to it.

I often wonder if people who believe in star signs and good ‘feelings’ towards certain days or events (which then lead to them being successful in what they do on these days or at these events), actually achieve their goals (being love, work or money related) because of some greater force beyond our comprehension, or because they go into them with a better, more positive mind set. I have often pondered on the subject as I sit on the tube in the morning reading my horoscope in the Metro (which I can’t help but envisage some young woman in the Metro headquarters sitting writing and probably having a good laugh at what she comes up with).

This being said, my father (who isn’t a wishy washy star gazer at all but a bit of an arty musician type) came to visit our Poleroid office before Christmas and proceeded to plonk various newspaper clippings on my desk from different horoscopes which he thought were particularly suited to the situations I have found myself in at the close of 2012. I scoffed and said : “Aw that’s nice Dad, I never knew you were such a romantic” to which he replied by telling me that his father (a journalist and publisher) always liked to follow star signs for the comfort of it, and I suppose the idea of something out of our control forging our destiny or at least giving us a helping hand, is rather a comforting thought rather than the cynical idea that it’s a pile of rubbish. Anyway, I thought that was a nice idea, so I’ve decided to follow their lead. Even though I’ve now forgotten what the articles actually said,  at the time I seem to recall that yes, they were pretty relevant and what harm can having a good feeling for the year ahead actually do? (Famous last words…)

Back on topic now and gosh, I have just realised that I’ve not written a blog for pretty much three months (!) so this might be a bit of a long one… A LOT to squeeze in…

Apologies readers – life got the better of me and it completely slipped my mind, but as another year comes to a close I thought this would be the perfect time to round up the high points of 2012 and tell you all about the excitement of the year ahead!

Poleroid wise we’ve had a smashing time.

It all began with…


 BACK2BACK – which included two plays: Our developed version of FLICKBOOK and another play KILL THE VOICES by Adam O’Brian which we teched and dress rehearsed (in a rather hung over state) back on the 1st January 2012 at the White Bear Theatre!

Back2BackBack2Back Poster

MAY 2012

We then went on to pack out the Cockpit Theatre for our one-off celebration of emerging talent and eclectic extravaganza of new writing and music – BREAKOUT  in May 2012 which was super duper and we all had a lot of fun doing!


Breakout Poster


And then of course after a Summer of fun and frivolities pursuing other theatrical projects we launched our Open Write Night event at the Hackney Attic.


Peter Write It :  Mic It

This event is actually RETURNING IN ONE WEEKS TIME – JANUARY 6th 2013!

Make sure you GET YOUR TICKETS HERE, as we’ve got an absolutely stella line-up for you all – monologues, duologues, poetry and stories all in the comfort of the picturehouse! Photos from our October event are now up on our website too!

Write it : Mic it Jan

We have also got some very exciting news for you all which is catapulting us into 2013…


We recently partnered with IDEASTAP (a big arts organisation in London for those of you who don’t know it) and secured their Creative Space Bursary and full support behind our company which gives us and some other talented creative types an actual office within their headquarters at London Bridge.

So, if you want to find me or anyone else from Poleroid in 2013, you’ll know where to come! Woopey! (I feel rather grown up now.)

Check out this page for more information on the companies and people working within our office – they are up to some extremely exciting stuff so get in touch with them!


We have also recently been included in an article published by One Stop Arts discussing 4 new theatre companies in London – it’s an interesting one so have a gander!



It’s been a pretty hectic year. But, we’ve got some extremely exciting stuff coming up in 2013… More info to follow of course, but as a quick insight as to what I’m in the process of producing –

2013 for Poleroid at a glance.


The beautifully comic debut of bold emerging playwright Ashleigh Packham (RWCMD acting graduate).

“Is that selfish?

I don’t know if that’s selfish.

To want to be something extraordinary.”


Before transferring the extremely exciting new warehouse venue
THE LAST REFUGE, Peckham from 26th-31st MARCH.
More information here.


“BREAKOUT : 2013”

Our eclectic night of new writing fusing live music and visual art returns!

With a brand new cast, brand new writing and brand new music.


As an Actress I’ve also had a pretty busy Autumn and had the absolute pleasure of being in INSPECTOR GEORGE GENTLY for BBC 1, before taking the role of Mary in the UK premiere of SNOW, AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Mathew Foster for Writers Bloc at The Old Red Lion Theatre and Liz in the fantastically funny and poignant play ME, AS A PENGUIN with Guildford Fringe Theatre Company by superb young playwright Tom Wells, which premiered in 2010 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The Guildford Fringe (fronted by Niall Bailey and Nick Wyschna) are certainly worth a watch – producing some brilliant original and new productions of plays and musicals in unusual venues across Surrey. They’ve got some big plans for 2013!

Me, As A Penguin

Well, I think that’s just about it for now.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something and apologies again for the rather long blog! I hope it was insightful. Do keep an eye on Poleroid in 2013 and have a look at our revamped website, we’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up and lots of opportunities for for actors, writers, musicians and directors to get involved with!

I wish you all the best with 2013, work hard, strive to reach your goals and stand up for what you believe in.

I’ll leave you with a short quote from our upcoming 2013 play Peanuts and a little picture from a visit to the beach I went on today. Despite it being rather breezy and cold, after a couple of races down the (steeper than anticipated) sand dunes with my lovely writer friend Peter Groom, it seemed to be the perfect way to end 2012.

“I think, you know, maybe, if you want to be an astronaut, then you probably have to try just a little bit harder.”

Last day of 2012


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