We meet again

Hi! Remember me? My last post was in June LAST YEAR. I can only apologise for the shocking irregularity of this blog, but so much has happened in the last 10 months, that every time I thought about writing a new post, all I could think was:

“But WHAT do I talk about?!”

“How can I even start to express what has happened of interest lately?”

“I’ve left this too long now, I’m actually NEVER going to be able to write another blog entry. EVER.”

“This is ridiculous. Molly get your arse in gear.” 

So this is me, attempting to blow the dust off this web page and try to continue what I started. 

Now, for those of you who read my last post, in June 2013 I was pretty much tearing my hair out with frustration at all things performance related. I can now reveal that I did in fact “Ride The Wave” and now as I sit in the Camden Collective on a Sunday evening (Poleroid’s super cool new warehouse office space – check it out) that I seem to have found myself in a pretty blissful land, where everything is starting to fall into place and 2014 – thus far – is panning out pretty excitingly.. Which is a relief it has to be said, but it has given me faith that in times of upset and struggle, often the best things can appear – 2014 seems to epitomise this and I for one have found a new focus, drive and inspiration that I genuinely thought had died a death last year. I’m thrilled and relieved that it has reappeared and carry me through what was a pretty full-on emotion filled, surprise start to the year – for good and bad.

ANYWAY, enough vague waffling, and I am going to attempt to sum up this year with Poleroid and other THRILLING creative projects so far…


Poleroid’s first 48 hour play was a resounding success as we returned to the White Bear Theatre for the first time since the company first started. In an manic, musical, new writing filled 48 hours a fantastic ensemble of emerging creatives devised and crafted a truly thrilling piece of theatre which performed to a packed house. I genuinely had not felt so exhilarated in a very long time. We are hoping to do another 48 Hour Play very soon!




This February I Assistant-Produced the Nabokov Theatre Arts Club which was truly epic. Rumbling under Waterloo Station, we took over the Vaults for 2 nights of extreme theatre and partying.

I had the absolute luck of seeking out some of the best of London’s emerging talent for the Pit Space which was all my remit! The bill ranged from established spoken word artists Sabrina Mahfouz and Rachel Parris, to more underground, emerging performers Tara Hodge and Tom Gill. We also had comedy from Matt Lacey, best known for his youtube sensation “Gap Yah”, and new talent from up-and-coming sketch sensation Omar & Lee and brand new work by playwright Luke Barnes, the hilarious Lolly Jones and music from the wonderful Harriet Starling.

I met some great people, on the performance weekend, got 5 hours sleep in 3 days and had my own walkie-talkie. All in all, it was pretty excellent.


MARCH / APRIL – Mugs Arrows, #Fall, Write It : Mic It, Live Theatre

Now just to sum up the last few months, I have been in the opening stages of producing a brand new play for Third Man Theatre called MUGS ARROWS which is happening at the Old Red Lion in June (more info to follow).

Write It : Mic It has been truly EPIC which two packed nights at the Hackney Attic and our first ever night at the Castle Hotel, Manchester which was a STORM!

Poleroid have just been given a Research and Development residency at Live Theatre Newcastle (Gan back to me roots like!) for a new play by emerging North-East playwright Andrew Thompson in July, which we’re all very excited about. We had a little read through of it this afternoon actually and it already sounds cracking! Watch this space!

And finally I’m developing a brand new play by HighTide Escalator Playwright Vinay Patel which is hitting London this October for a month. This is Poleroid’s first 4 week run and yes, we may have bitten off more than we can chew, but we think it’s an awesome script so we’re giving it a go!!!




SO that’s me pretty much summed up for now… keep your eyes peeled for all developments on the above. It’s all a bit nuts but hey. More announcements coming soon. 

Ok, enough updating, so I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep these blogs regular and interesting, and my plan is to have a guest blogger each week! (So you don’t get bored of my self-obsessed ramblings…) 

These guests I have hand picked from all the people I’m currently working with and hopefully they will provide insightful, witty, inspirational blogs about creative things. 

I am also going to intersperse these with observations of my own as usual – I’ve seen a lot of good theatre and interesting things recently which I need to tell you about!

Oh, I also now have a website – Check it! http://www.molly-roberts.co.uk


Our first Guest Blogger hitting your screens next week is CHRIS MANN – actor, photographer, general edgy mofo, who also designs everything Poleroid image related. 

Lovely to be back and thank you to everyone involved in my 2014 so far – friends, colleagues, supporters, twitter followers you are just brilliant.

I’m going to leave you with a photo from my trip back to the wilds of the North-East Coast this Easter. Pretty much sums up my mood right now I think.

Sunny times ahead.





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